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Silicone Ignition Leads

Products > Silicone Ignition Leads > 7.0mm Heavy Duty Ultimate Series

  A quality Heavy Duty aftermarket replacement lead set for early British vehicles
Lead Diameter 7mm
Colour Black only
Application Early Model British Vehicles
Description A quality ignition lead set designed specifically as a replacement for early model British motor vehicles being pre-onboard electronics era.
Cable Standards Mfg by an ISO 9002 & QS 9000 supplier and meets ISO 3808 Standards
  • 3 ± 1 OHMS resistance per metre (approx)
  • 24 strands of 0.20 (24 / 0.20) Nickel Coated Copper conductor
  • 260°C silicone on silicone insulating jackets with fibreglass braid
  • 260°C heavy duty silicone spark plug boots with finger grips for easy on easy off fitment and removal (where applicable)
  • E.P.D.M. distributor and coil boots
  • 304 stainless steel spark plug terminals fitted with hi-memory spring clips for positive terminal retention at all RPM's
  • Computer designed insulation anchors on each spark plug terminal ensures bullet proof terminal cable holding power
  • 304 stainless steel distributor and coil terminals
Notes This product is designed to run with zero onboard electronics e.g. Early British motor vehicles. The use of this lead set with items such as radios etc may result in radio interference commonly know as RFI.