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  Professional racing ignition lead technology!
Lead Diameter 11mm
Colour Black (Gold Print)
Application Professional racing engines only including Super and Turbo charged engines burning Hi-octane Petrol, Methanol and Nitro Methane fuels.
Ignition System Compatibility Very high output aftermarket ignition systems including most Crane ™ & MSD™ types. Note: We recommend consulting with your ignition manufacturer for system compatibility before using this product.
Description Eliminator Series lll ignition leads offer the professional race engine builder “The Next Generation” in racing ignition lead technology. Designed for today’s high compression, high temperature and high horsepower race engines and have been tested on Dyno’s and proven on the race track. 11mm Eliminator series are fitted with three layers of Silicone jackets and an Ultra low resistance Copper wound Ferrite Spiral core conductor. Eliminator Series III are a proven performer at carrying secondary voltages in excess of 90,000 volts whilst emitting virtually zero RFI making them compatible for use with virtually all Hi-tech on board computer systems.
Cable Standards Tested to ISO 3808 Standards.
Features Eagle's Finger Grip SPB Features
  • Eagles computer designed "finger grip" Spark Plug Boot allows easy on easy off installation.
  • Unequaled durability by using our best High Temp Silicone compounds.
Terminal Features
  • Zero rust 0.43mm Stainless Steel Base.
  • High Memory spring steel retaining clip for positive terminal locking at all RPM'S.
  • Triple cable retaining ribs and "W" shaped crimp ensure superior cable retention.
Cable Features
  • Three 260 C Hi-temp Silicone jackets for superior insulating properties.
  • Nylon Tape gives exceptional tensile and terminal pull off strength.
  • Ultra low 325 ohms per metre resistance Spiral wound Copper over Ferrite coated Kevlar™ inner core. Other low resistance conductors are available; please contact Eagle for technical assistance
Please Note Above specifications may vary due to technological advances at manufacturer’s discretion.
Warning The product description above is to be used as a guide only. It is up to the purchaser/end user to determine the correct suitability/application of product to suit their individual requirements. Care must be taken when selecting product. For Warranty information on above lead sets, refer to back cover.
  Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont™