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Partfinder Disclaimer

Copyright in respect of the Partfinder is owned by Eagle Products Corporation P/L. Unauthorised use or reproduction (no exceptions) of any part of the Partfinder is prohibited unless written permission to do so is obtained from Eagle Products Corporation P/L.

Maufacturers names, vehicle names and designations used in the Partfinder are for reference purposes only and are registered trademarks of their owners.

The product description(s) stated in the Partfinder are to be used as a guide only. It is up to the purchaser/end user to determine the correct suitability/application of the product to suit their individual requirements. Care must be taken when selecting product. Resistance values and features quoted may vary at Eagle's discretion. For warranty information on any lead sets that appear in the Partfinder please refer to the back page on our printed catalogue or on the side panel of the lead set box.

*exceptions being Eagle Direct Account or Eagle Factory Appointed Distributors including their approved Eagle stocking clients.